Ty Frankel – Big Money Skill Mastery

Ty Frankel – Big Money Skill Mastery
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Ty Frankel – Big Money Skill Mastery

Ty Frankel - Big Money Skill Mastery (440.75 MB)

Last Updated Date: 09-15-2021

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Ty Frankel - Big Money Skill Mastery
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  • 02-Intro Video.mp4
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  • 04-Skill Mastery Calendar.pdf
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It’s easy to get TRICKED into a 9-5 (waste of time) or degree (worthless scam).

Everyday at a 9-5 you’re making your Boss aka daddy rich.

Your boss views you as an ASSET. Not a person.

He controls every aspect of your life.

When he finds someone cheaper, you’re fired & thrown on the street.

LIES they tell you:

Spending $200K on a degree (aka worthless piece of paper) is worth it
Getting a 9-5 and enslaving yourself is the only option
You need to be a genius and have a lot of cash to start a business
45% of college grads from last year are STILL looking for a job (CBS)

Wasn’t college supposed to “guarantee” getting a high paying job??

The road I took wasn’t guaranteed. But

I scaled my agency to $50K a month, won an Emmy and traveled to over 30 countries all before my 23rd birthday.

And the only time I’ve been to college was to pick up a friend from his frat house in my black Benz.

I barely even graduated high school.

Why do they lie to you?? Because they want you to stay broke, unhappy, and trapped. Like a slave.

Here’s the Truth ?
You don’t need a PhD to be successful.

You don’t need to be a 185 IQ genius with your brain bursting out of your fucking skull to make money.

You don’t need millions of $$ to start a business.

You just need to sit down, focus, and learn a HIGH-VALUE SKILL. That’s the formula.

Learn EXACTLY how to quickly master a skill and sell it for $3K+/month PER CLIENT
You’ll find all the answers to these questions in this course:

What skill can I learn that’s both fun and makes me big money?
How do I master that skill?
How do I get my first clients?
(Plus I’ll personally hold you accountable through email to MAKE SURE you follow through)


They tell you it takes YEARS of college & experience to master a skill.

What if that wasn’t the case?

What if you could learn a high-value skill FAST?

I’ve seen it over and over, someone going from nobody to a straight up G making $100K+ a year in the blink of an eye

My friend Donvesh went from $0 to $35K a month in 6 months using shitty wifi in New Delhi at 18 years old

My friend Kyle was a C student, living at his mom’s house at 19, totally LOST. Said “F this”, studied SEO intensely for 90 days, now has 5 clients and is well on his way to millionaire status.

Another friend Zach went from $0 to $100K a month in his agency in 1 year

There are THOUSANDS of other stories like this.

You still wanna go $200,000 in debt & trade 4 years of your prime to make $36K a year?


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