Robby Blanchard – Commission Hero 2.0

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  • Last Updated Date: 05-06-2022
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Robby Blanchard - Commission Hero 2.0 (28.25 GB)

Last Updated Date: 05-06-2022

Google Drive Proof

Robby Blanchard - Commission Hero 2.0
00-Welcome Module
01-Lead Gen Gold Mine - Offer + Networks
02-Building Your Landing Pages
03-Tracking Your Campaigns
04-Researching Ads
05-Traffic Training
06-Creaing Your Ad
07-Ready To Launch
08-Scaling Your Campaign
09-Advanced Tips
10-Building Your Business Structure
11-Omnipresent Traffic - Manychat
12-Omnipresent Traffic - Native Ads
13-Omnipresent Traffic - Youtube
SW Screenshots
00-Welcome Module
01-Getting Started.mp4
02-Knowing Your Numbers.mp4
03-Building Your Foundation.mp4
04-7 Success Habits To Develop.mp4
01-Lead Gen Gold Mine - Offer + Networks
01-Finding The Best Niches.mp4
02-Best Offers.mp4
03-Lead Offers Vs. Sale Offer.mp4
04-Signing Up For Clickbank.mp4
05-Signing Up For Digistore24.mp4
06-Signing Up For Maxweb.mp4
07-Signing Up For AffWorks.mp4
08-Signing Up For Perform CB.mp4
09-Signing Up For Prosperio.mp4
10-Reaching Out To Offer Owners.mp4
11-Using The CH 2.0 Tool To Find Winners.mp4
02-Building Your Landing Pages
01-Understanding Landing Pages.mp4
02-Getting To Know Clickfunnels.mp4
03-Getting To Know The Hero Builder.mp4
04-The Best Quiz Questions.mp4
05-Setting Your Quiz Outcomes.mp4
06-The Perfect Landing Page Formula.mp4
07-Setting Up Your Domain.mp4
08-Verifying Facebook Domain.mp4
09-Setting Up Your Affiliate Link.mp4
10-Setting Up Your Pixel On Your Landing Page.mp4
03-Tracking Your Campaigns
01-Intro to Tracking.mp4
02-Intro to Cometly.mp4
03-Setting Up Your Cometly Account.mp4
04-Fixing Common Setup Mistakes.mp4
05-Daily Process for Optimizing your Ads.mp4
06-Scaling Strategy using Cometly.mp4
04-Researching Ads
01-Activating Your Spy Hero Account.mp4
02-How to Spy to make MORE money.mp4
03-What To Look For In A Winning Ad.mp4
05-Traffic Training
01-Introduction to Facebook Business Manager.mp4
02-Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager.mp4
03-Getting To Know Your Business Manager.mp4
04-Creating Your Custom Audiences.mp4
05-Uploading Lookalikes Audiences.mp4
06-Creating Your Fan Page.mp4
07-Adding Your Payment Method.mp4
08-Adding Admins & Users.mp4
09-Creating Your First Like Campaign.mp4
10-Boosting Posts To Warm Up.mp4
11-Creating A Page Post Engagement Campaign.mp4
12-Creating A Traffic Campaign.mp4
13-Creating A Conversion Campaign.mp4
06-Creaing Your Ad
01-Anatomy Of A Winning Ad.mp4
02-Creating Story Ads.mp4
03-Examples of Story Ads.mp4
04-Where To Find Designers.mp4
07-Ready To Launch