Benjamin Fairbourne – Sweepstake CPA Marketing Secrets + Bonuses 3.0

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  • Last Updated Date: 11-05-2020
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Benjamin Fairbourne - Sweepstake CPA Marketing Secrets + Bonuses 3.0 (8.5 GB)

Last Updated Date: 11-05-2020

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Benjamin Fairbourne - Sweepstake CPA Marketing Secrets + Bonuses 3.0
02-Ads+Sweepstakes Step By Step.ts
03-How To Build The Capture Page.ts
04-How To Build The Funnel And Pick The Offers.ts
05-How To Get Email Ideas And Build The Email Sequence.ts
06-Building Sweepstake Campaign With A Client.ts
07-Split Testing, Funnels, What Works And Tips.ts
08-The Redirect Thank You Page.ts
09-Analyzing Data And Making Smart Changes.ts
10-Building LAA Campaign.ts
11-How To Email Blast.ts
12-Maxbounty + Facebook Ads + Sweepstake Offers For Cheaper.ts
13-Sweepstakes Funnel Strategy To Make Big Money.ts
14-My Super Affiliate Funnel.ts
15-The Secret Sweepstake Funnel.ts
16-Viral Content Locking Sweepstakes Strategy.ts
17-Another Smart Strategy For Sweepstakes And CPS Offers.ts
18-$1,000+ Per Day Mobile Sweepstakes CPA Marketing.ts
19-CPAGrip Content Locking Method Ideas Tutorial.ts
20-Make $100+ Per Day With Sweepstakes.ts
21-More Tips To Get Viral Campaigns And Increase Sweepstake.ts
22-The Huge Stack Sweepstake Idea!.ts
23-Top Converting CPA Marketing Sweepstake Offers.ts
24-Sweepstake Offers That Convert.ts
25-Facebook Ads Secrets.ts
26-Sweepstake Demographics And Targeting.ts
27-How To Hide Bad Comments.ts
28-Sweepstakes Ages Psycology.ts
29-Tons Of Sweepstake Advice.ts
30-More Sweepstake CPA Marketing Tips For You.ts
31-How To Increase Sweepstake Conversion Rates.ts
32-Email Marketing Secrets.ts
33-More Important Email Marketing Advice.ts
34-How To Make The Emails And More Tips.ts
35-95percent Opt-in.ts
36-How To Build A Sweepstake Campaign On Facebook.ts
37-The Best Angle And Method For Super Big Sweepstake.ts
38-Great Sweepstake Angle.ts
39-List Building & Monetization Webinar.ts
40-Marketing And Traffic Secrets.ts
41-Images That Do Great.ts
42-Stupid CTR.ts
43-Get High CTR In Ads.ts
44-Secrets Of Ad Copy.ts
45-Great Landing Page Tips.ts
46-Sweepstake Funnel Tips.ts
47-How To Get Facebook Ads Approved.ts
48-Alternative Traffic From Facebook.ts
49-Best Traffic Sources To Crush it With Sweepstakes.ts
50-Snapchat Ads for Sweepstakes.ts
51-How To Do YouTube Ads.ts
52-YouTube Instream and YouTube Display Ads.ts
53-The Best Sweepstake Funnel Updated.ts
54-Congratulations Part 1 Is Done.ts
55-YouTube + Sweepstakes Step By Step.ts
56-Free YouTube Super Method.ts
57-Creating YouTube Content For 1 Niche.ts
58-Step By Step Trend Editing Process.ts
59-How To Find Top YouTube Topics.ts
60-Google Trends Secrets Entertaining Stuff.ts
61-How To Make A Landing Page For Free Traffic.ts
62-Super YouTube Strategy For Sweepstakes.ts