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Last Updated Date: 02-03-2023

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Willy Jay – Supply and Demand
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Why be a part of the pattern late once you could be part of the 1% of merchants that START TRENDS?

Many Foreign exchange mentors and establishments deal with lagging Indicators and chart patterns however I solely educate retail merchants the costly TRUTH I learnt from my Wall Avenue mentor, which is low danger excessive reward buying and selling at market turning factors.

Who’re those that offered in a market that’s bullish long run? As soon as once more, Novice merchants are responsible.

They’re conditioned by their mentors to purchase after an uptrend and promote after a down pattern, which is in opposition to the buying and selling psychology of massive Banks.

It’s at all times higher to begin evaluation from a high backside strategy and not the opposite method. The larger image gives market route cues higher than the decrease time frames.

I knew what retail merchants will do when AUGUST began, i.e proceed a brief down pattern. I did order movement evaluation and situated the place massive Banks had beforehand traded and had their extra unfilled purchase orders figuring out that they function a magnet for worth. (Worth has to come back again to fill these purchase orders with promote orders)

By expertise and talent, I used to be capable of catch the low of AUGUST 2021. Assume and commerce like a financial institution.

To turn into profitable order movement merchants goes past market construction which is simply 29% of the evaluation. For a lot of

RBDs are available in the market, so which one will give the most effective low danger buying and selling alternative? ANS: The one on the proper location and not near an opposing zone.


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