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Trena Little – Video Strategy Academy VIP (6.02 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-11-2020

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Trena Little – Video Strategy Academy VIP
1 The Foundation
2 The Strategy
3 The Experience
4 The Tactics
5 The Video
6 The Editing Process
6.2The Optimization Strategy
7 The Promotion Strategy
8 Analyzing The Strategy
9 Next Steps
10 VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA - Using Instagram Video
11 VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA - Using Facebook Video
12 VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA - Using Pinterest Video
13 VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA - Using Video On Other Platforms
14 Setting Up An Editorial Calendar And Batching Your Videos
#820 - _Tools I Love! Click the Name to Access the Site! I Trena Little_.pdf
30 Days to YouTube.pdf
90 Day Breakdown.pdf
814 - _Trena Little_.jpg
815 - _How To Create A Cover Photo For IG TV Episodes I Trena Little_.jpg
816 - _Facebook Video Templates I Trena Little_.pdf
817 - _Pinterest Video Best Practices I Trena Little_.pdf
818 - _Twitter Video How Tos I Trena Little_.pdf
819 - _LinkedIn Video How Tos I Trena Little_.pdf
821 - _WorkSheets Printables I Trena Little_.pdf
Channel Metric Checklist (1).docx
Channel Metric Checklist.docx
Channel Set Up Checklist.docx
Content Bucket Plan.xlsx
Content Research Checklist.docx
Defining Your Channel Goals.docx
Editing Checklist (1).docx
Editing Checklist (2).docx
Editing Checklist.docx
Getting started with Pinterest - Vanessa Kynes - Trena Little.mp4
How This Program Works - Trena Little.mp4
Instagram Strategies for 2020 - Trena Little.mp4
Launch A Digital Product - Trena Little.mp4
Script Template (1).docx
Script Template.docx
TubeBuddy Training - 30 FREE days! - Trena Little.ts
Video Idea Brainstorm.xlsx
Video Optimization CheckList.docx
1 The Foundation
1-Niching to GROW - Trena Little.mp4
2-Get YouTube To LOVE You - Trena Little.mp4
3-Know Your Value and Know Your Viewer - Trena Little.mp4
4-Types Of Videos Every Channel Must Have - Trena Little.mp4
2 The Strategy
1-Under Standing YouTube Traffic Sources - Trena Little.mp4
2-Implementing a YouTube Growth Strategy - Trena Little.mp4
3-Implementing A Business Growth Strategy on YouTube - Trena Little.mp4
4-Using YouTube During Your Launch - Trena Little.mp4
5-How To LAUNCH Your YouTube Channel - Trena Little.mp4
3 The Experience
1-Setting Up Your Channel For Success - Trena Little.mp4
2-Making Your Channel Look Professional - Trena Little.mp4
3-Customize Your Channel Homepage - Trena Little.mp4
4-Making Your Channel Banner! - Trena Little.ts
5-Creating Your Channel Trailer - Trena Little.mp4
6-About Section And Banner Links - Trena Little.mp4
7-Channel Settings - Trena Little.mp4
8-Description Box Defaults - Trena Little.mp4
9-Channel Defaults Setup - Trena Little.mp4
10-Claim Custom URL - Trena Little.mp4
4 The Tactics
1-Getting Started With Your Tactics - Trena Little.mp4
2-How Long And How Much - Trena Little.mp4
3-Research for Video Ideas - Trena Little.mp4
4-Researching Your Content Plan - Trena Little.mp4
5-Creating Your Content Plan - Trena Little.mp4
5 The Video
1-How To Script Your Videos - Trena Little.mp4
2-Equipment Run Through - Trena Little.mp4
3-Setting Up Your Equipment - Trena Little.mp4
4-My Video Batch Day - Trena Little.mp4
5-Delivering Your Content On Camera - Trena Little.mp4
6-Getting Thumbnail Photos - Trena Little.mp4
7-Finding YOUR Confidence To Show Up On Video - Trena Little.mp4
6 The Editing Process
1-Editing Software Options - Trena Little.mp4
2-Ways To Make More Engaging Videos - Trena Little.mp4
3-Editing In Camtasia - Trena Little.mp4
4-Make Your Own End Card - Trena Little.mp4
5-Extra_s For Your Videos - Trena Little.mp4
6-Finding Music For Your Videos - Trena Little.mp4
7-Editing in iMovie - Trena Little.mp4
6.2The Optimization Strategy
1-Optimization Routine - Trena Little.mp4
2-How To Make Thumbnails - Trena Little.mp4