Tom Cormier – Marketplace Mastery 2.0

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Tom Cormier - Marketplace Mastery 2.0 (7.09 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-25-2021

Google Drive Proof

Tom Cormier - Marketplace Mastery 2.0
01-Section 1 - Introduction
02-Section 2 - Facebook Marketplace Setup
03-Section 3 - Sourcing Items To Sell
04-Section 4 - Finding Profitable Items
05-Section 5 - Managing And Repricing Items
06-Section 6 - Listing And Relisting Items
07-Section 7 - Processing Sales And Tracking
08-Section 8 - Customer Service
09-Section 9 - Advanced Strategies
10-Bonus - Software Toolkit
11-Bonus - Documents & Sheets
01-Section 1 - Introduction
01-Intro and Welcome.mp4
02-Why Start FBMP Dropshipping Today.mp4
02-Section 2 - Facebook Marketplace Setup
01-Navigating Facebook Marketplace.mp4
02-Facebook Policies - Commerce Product Merchant Agreement.pdf
02-The Shipping Option.mp4
03-Personal Verification FAQs.mp4
03-Personal Verification FAQs.pdf
03-Verifying Your Account.mp4
04-1099 Form FAQs.mp4
04-1099 Form FAQs.pdf
04-1099 Form FAQs.png
05-Chrome Extension - Last Pass.pdf
05-Increase Your Facebook Account Security.mp4
06-Additional Tip.png
06-Shipping Option NOT Available.mp4
03-Section 3 - Sourcing Items To Sell
01-Overview Of Our Dropshipping Method.mp4
02-BEST Place to Source Items.mp4
02-Top 15 Pre-vetted Suppliers List.docx
03-Finding and Vetting Your Own Suppliers.mp4
03-Sku Grid Discount.pdf
04-Links & Resources.pdf
04-Matching Supplier Policies with FBMP.mp4
04-Matching Supplier Policies with FBMP.png
05-Top 15 Pre-vetted Suppliers List.docx
05-Top Suppliers List Overview.mp4
04-Section 4 - Finding Profitable Items
01-Best Types of Items to List.mp4
02-FBMP Item Sourcing Sheet and eBay Sellers to Snipe.xlsx
02-Over the Shoulder Item Research.mp4
03-Sourcing Items With Zik Analytics.mp4
03-Zik Analytics Discount.pdf
04-Calculating Your Desired Profit.mp4
04-FBMP Listing Price Calculator.xlsx
05-Downloadable Sales Report.mp4
06-Sourcing Tips When Sourcing Walmart And Amazon Items.mp4
07-FBMP Customer Service Scripts.docx
07-Walmart using 3rd Party Delivery Apps (DoorDash).mp4
08-Proposition 65 Warning.mp4
05-Section 5 - Managing And Repricing Items
01-SKU Grid Introduction.mp4
01-Sku Grid Discount.pdf
02-SkuGrid Grid Setup And Overview.mp4
03-SkuGrid Dispatch Time (Important!).mp4
04-SkuGrid Credits Overview.mp4
05-SkuGrid Variations And Supplier Options.mp4
06-Links & Resources.pdf
06-SkuGrid Stock And Price Updates Settings.mp4
07-Resources & Links.pdf
07-SkuGrid Repricing Chrome Extension Set-Up.mp4
06-Section 6 - Listing And Relisting Items
01-The Components of a Listing.mp4
02-Building Great Titles.mp4
03-Advanced Title Building Strategies.mp4
03-Links & Resources.pdf
04-Lightshot Screenshot Chrome Extension.pdf
04-Prioritizing Review Images.mp4
04-The Secret to Images That Get Views.mp4
05-Listing Description Template.docx
05-Listing Descriptions.mp4
06-Total Listing Overview - Putting It All Together.mp4
07-Category Map Template.pdf
07-Category Mapping.mp4
08-Resources & Links.pdf
08-ZeeDrop Discount.pdf
08-ZeeDrop Introduction.mp4
09-ZeeDrop Listing.mp4
10-Updating Items Stock On Mobile.mp4
11-Updating Inventory And Prices Based On SkuGrid Emails.mp4
12-Create Multiple Listings.mp4
12-FBMP Bulk Upload Template.csv
13-Bulk Renew Listings Feature.mp4
13-Manually Renew Old Listings.mp4
14-Relisting Items After A Sale.mp4