Strategyzer – Master Business Testing

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Strategyzer - Master Business Testing (2.09 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-25-2021

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Strategyzer - Master Business Testing
01-Lesson 1 - Introduction to Testing
02-Lesson 2 - Testing Components
03-Lesson 3 - Hypotheses
04-Lesson 4 - Experiments
05-Lesson 5 - Evidence
06-Lesson 6 - Insights
07-Lesson 7 - Take Action
08-Lesson 8 - Manage
09-Lesson 9 - Present
01-Lesson 1 - Introduction to Testing
01-GLOSSARY - Mastering Business Testing.docx
01-Innovation Project Scorecard.pdf
01-Progress Board.pdf
01-The Business Model Canvas.pdf
01-The Learning Card.pdf
01-The Test Card.pdf
01-The Value Proposition Canvas.pdf
02-Explore & Exploit.mp4
03-Types of Innovation.mp4
04-Why Business Models Fail.mp4
05-Reduce Risk & Uncertainty.mp4
06-High Risk or Low Risk Part 1.png
07-High Risk or Low Risk Part 2.png
08-High Risk or Low Risk Part 3.png
02-Lesson 2 - Testing Components
01-The Big Pic.mp4
03-Test Card.pdf
05-Learning Card.pdf
06-Evidence or Insight.png
06-Quiz Question 1.png
06-Quiz Question 2.png
06-Quiz Question 3.png
06-Quiz Question 4.png
07-Taking Action.mp4
03-Lesson 3 - Hypotheses
01-Case Study - Lifetree Bank.mp4
02-Extract Hypotheses.mp4
03-Prioritize Hypotheses.mp4
04-Refine Hypotheses.mp4
05-Practice - Refine Hypotheses.png
06-Debrief - Refine Hypotheses.png
07-Case Study - Owlet.mp4
07-Case Study - Owlet.png
08-Practice - Extract Hypotheses.mp4
08-Practice - Extract Hypotheses.pdf
09-Debrief - Extract Hypotheses.mp4
09-Debrief - Extract Hypotheses.png
10-Business Model Canvas.pdf
10-Value Proposition Canvas.pdf
10-Your Turn.pdf
04-Lesson 4 - Experiments
01-Test Card.mp4
01-Test Card.pdf
02-Choose Experiments.mp4
03-Strength of Evidence.mp4
04-Experiments Library.pdf
04-Ground Rules for Interviewing.pdf
04-Interview Questions Cheat Sheet.pdf
04-Testing Business Ideas.pdf
05-Design Good Experiments.mp4
06-Choose the Right Metrics.mp4
07-Success Criteria.mp4
08-Mix of Experiments.mp4
09-Practice - Desirability Experiments.mp4
09-Practice - Desirability Experiments.pdf
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments - Test Cards.mp4
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments.mp4
10-Debrief - Desirability Experiments.png
11-Practice - Viability Experiments.mp4
11-Practice - Viability Experiments.pdf
12-Debrief - Viability Experiments - Test Cards.mp4
12-Debrief - Viability Experiments.mp4
13-Your Turn.pdf
05-Lesson 5 - Evidence
01-Learn from Experiments.mp4
01-Learning Card.pdf
02-Collect Evidence.mp4
02-Interview Notes Template.pdf
03-Synthesize Evidence.mp4
04-Quiz - True or False.png
04-Quiz Question 1.png
04-Quiz Question 2.png
04-Quiz Question 3.png
05-Practice - Write an Observation.png
06-Debrief - Write an Observation.png
07-Your Turn.pdf
06-Lesson 6 - Insights
01-Generate Insights.mp4
02-Practice - Learn from Evidence.pdf
02-Practice - Learn from Evidence Slides.pdf
03-Debrief - Learn from Evidence.pdf
04-Your Turn.pdf
07-Lesson 7 - Take Action
01-Four Types of Actions.mp4
02-Take Action for Evidence Supports Hypothesis.mp4
03-Take Action for Evidence Doesn't Support Hypothesis.mp4
04-Take Action for Unclear Insights.mp4
05-Take Action for New Insights.mp4
06-Quiz - Confidence Levels.png
06-Quiz Question 1.png
06-Quiz Question 2.png
06-Quiz Question 3.png
06-Quiz Question 4 Video.mp4
06-Quiz Question 4.png
07-Quiz - Take Action.png
07-Quiz Question.png
07-Quiz Question Video.mp4
08-Practice - Pivot.mp4
08-Practice - Pivot Video.pdf
09-Debrief - Pivot - Test Cards.mp4
09-Debrief - Pivot.mp4
09-Debrief - Pivot.png
10-Your Turn.pdf
08-Lesson 8 - Manage
01-Measure Progress.mp4
02-Progress Board.mp4
02-Progress Board.pdf
03-Innovation Project Scorecard.pdf
03-Innovation Scorecard.mp4
04-Progress In Practice.mp4
05-Practice - Innovation Scorecard.mp4
05-Practice - Innovation Scorecard.pdf