Simpler Trading – Stacked Profits Strategy ELITE

Simpler Trading – Stacked Profits Strategy ELITE
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Curriculum (Google Drive Proof)

Simpler Trading – Stacked Profits Strategy ELITE
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Stacked Profit Formula
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Trading Room
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Fibonacci Price Tools Videos
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Iron Condor
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FQ ebook-Demystify-Trading-Tools.pdf
Stacked Profit Formula
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1.Kickstart Session
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2.Strategy Sessions
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3.July Live Sessions
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4.August Live Sessions
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7 Stocks To Success
Trading Room
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Bullish or Bearish When to Make the Switch
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Creating a Daily Routine
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Creating a Watchlist
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Market Internals — What They Are and How to Use Them
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Using Various Options Strategies in Different Market Environments
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What Is Earnings Season
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  • Homework

    • Butterflies

      • 7 Steps to a Perfect Fly.pdf
      • Butterflies-ao.mp4
      • OP103-directional-vs-neutral-dsg.mp4
      • WhatIsAButterfly-hg.mp4
      • WhenToHarvestButterflies-ao.mp4
      • itm-fly-hg.mp4
      • tos_flymanage-hg.mp4
    • FQ ebook-Demystify-Trading-Tools.pdf
    • Fibonacci Price Tools Videos

      • Fib Tools Fidelity.mp4
      • Fib Tools InfinityAT Charts (SierraCharts).mp4
      • Fib Tools Interactive Brokers TWS.mp4
      • Fib Tools Medved Trader.mp4
      • Fib Tools Multicharts.mp4
      • Fib Tools Ninjatrader 7.mp4
      • Fib Tools Ninjatrader 8.mp4
      • Fib Tools TC2000.mp4
      • Fib Tools ThinkorSwim.mp4
      • Fib Tools Tradestation 9.x.mp4
      • Fib Tools Tradestation 10.mp4
      • Fib Tools Tradingview.mp4
      • Fib Tools eSignal 11 or 12.mp4
    • Iron Condor

      • LeggingInAndOutOfIronCondors-ao.mp4
      • WhatIsAnIronCondor-HG.mp4
  • Stacked Profit Formula

    • 1.Kickstart Session

      • Kickstart Session.mp4
    • 2.Strategy Sessions

      • Chapter 1 The Method Behind The Madness.mp4
      • Chapter 2 Seven Steps To A Perfect Fly.mp4
      • Chapter 3 Identify Your Directional Setup.mp4
      • Chapter 4 Overlaying Support And Resistance To Identify Targets.mp4
      • Chapter 5 Using The Options Chain To Perfect Your Trade.mp4
      • Chapter 6 Building Your Perfect Fly - Putting It All Together.mp4
      • Chapter 7 Butterfly Management Tips And Tricks, Including Assignment.mp4
    • 3.July Live Sessions

      • 7-30-19.mp4
      • 7-31-19.mp4
    • 4.August Live Sessions

      • 8-13-19.mp4
      • 8-14-19.mp4
      • 8-15-19.mp4
    • 7 Stocks To Success

      • 7 Stocks to Success.pdf
      • 7 Stocks to Success Spreadsheet.xlsx
      • 7StocksToSuccess-1-Intro-DSG.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-2-StrategyOutline-TheWhy.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-3-StrategyOutline-TheHow.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-4-StrategyOutline-WhenYouGetGood.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-5-IdentityStocksThatQualify.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-6-IdentityTheTrend.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-7-7StockFormula-FB.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-8-7StockFormula-ULTA.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-9-7StockFormula-NOW.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-10-NFLX-SHOP-TSLA-BKNG.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-11-UsingPremiumSellingMethods.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-12-SellingPremiumSpreadsCondors.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-13-ManagingRisk.mp4
      • 7StocksToSuccess-DSG.jpg
  • Trading Room

Should you commerce shares or choices you then’ll recognize why this straightforward technique is such a breakthrough (particularly in case you have a smaller account).

You’re about to find a brand new low-risk approach to hit constant doubles, triples, and even residence runs like these:

MSFT 200%
LULU 300%
ADBE 100%
MDB 246%
BYND 617%
AMZN 1200%
Danielle Shay, the Director of Choices at Simpler Trading, discovered methods to ‘triple stack’ the normal Butterfly technique to mix the perfect options of conservative revenue methods with the exponential revenue potential of shopping for name choices.

Are you in search of a approach to revenue in trending and uneven market situations?

Need to know methods to flip every $1 of danger into positive factors of $4 (or extra)?

Then Danielle’s Stacked Profits Strategy is simply what you want. That is what earned her the nickname “Butterfly Queen” in our on-line buying and selling neighborhood.

Studying methods to commerce choices in a robust bull market reworked Danielle from a struggling single mother right into a profitable swing dealer. However when the market turned risky in 2018 she needed to discover a new approach to generate constant revenue and earnings. So she drew inspiration from totally different methods and ran exhaustive assessments along with her personal cash. She didn’t stop till she reverse engineered a course of to ‘rinse and repeat’.

The key to the Stacked Profits Strategy success is Danielle’s ‘hybrid’ Butterfly. It’s designed to realize not less than a 3:1 revenue to loss ratio on each commerce.

It’s a ‘hybrid’ as a result of it combines the decrease danger options of an revenue commerce with the leveraged revenue potential of a protracted name choice.

Like many, Danielle used to consider the Butterfly was a fancy technique. However after being impressed by Simpler Trading’s Vice President, Henry Gambell, she developed a easy 7-step guidelines that’s simple sufficient for newer merchants to observe.

Like this Stacked Profits on BYND that made 250%:

Stacked Profits on BYND
That is simply one of many many case research within the Stacked Profits e-Studying Course.

Whether or not you may have a bit or numerous capital, “Stacked Profits” goals that will help you benefit from alternatives for constant revenue and extraordinary positive factors with restricted danger.

Danielle’s Stacked Revenue System (together with her Watchlist, Guidelines, and Scans)
Methods to hit common residence runs with out putting out (even in the event you’re new to buying and selling)
Study the key to turning $1 into $3 (or extra) in below two weeks
Methods to shortly and simply adapt to trending and uneven market situations
Methods to strictly restrict danger and luxuriate in fast returns with confidence

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