Julian Cole – Planning Dirty Academy

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Julian Cole - Planning Dirty Academy (6.52 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-11-2020

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Julian Cole - Planning Dirty Academy
01-Planning Dirty Academy
01-Planning Dirty Academy
01-Welcome to the Planning Dirty Academy.mp4
01-welcome to the planning dirty academy.pdf
02-Art of Questioning Clients (Alex Murrell).mp4
02-Art of Questioning Clients (Alex Murrell).pdf
03-How To Write Creative Briefs.mp4
03-How To Write Creative Briefs.pdf
04-Snapchat Ad Units Added to Platform Playbook.mp4
05-Burning Questions - 10 Person Group Meetings.pdf
06-Strategy Scalpel - Ep.1 Facebook.mp4
06-Strategy Scalpel - Ep.1 Facebook.pdf
07-Proactive Strategy In The Time Of COVID-19.mp4
08-What is Communications Planning-.mp4
08-What is Communications Planning.pdf
09-5 Steps To A Tactical Briefs.mp4
09-5 Steps To A Tactical Briefs.pdf
10-Biggest Mistake Junior Planners Make.mp4
10-Biggest Mistake Junior Planners Make.pdf
11-Strategy Review - Minnesota Winter Festival.mp4
11-Strategy Review - Minnesota Winter Festival.pdf
12-Strategy Blank Checks.mp4
12-Strategy Blank Checks.pdf
13-Redd's Apple Ale - Strategy Feedback.mp4
14-Understanding Category Entry Points.mp4
14-Understanding Category Entry Points.pdf
15-Managing Downtime.mp4
15-Managing Downtime.pdf
16-How Advertising Works.mp4
16-How Advertising Works.pdf
17-Managing Planners.mp4
17-Managing Planners.pdf
18-10 minute insight trick.mp4
18-10 minute insight trick.pdf
19-Strategy In An Hour - Lawn Exercise.mp4
19-Strategy In An Hour - Lawn Exercise.pdf
20-Opening Moves- Dakota Green.mp4
20-Opening Moves-Dakota Green.pdf
21-Private Facebook Group and Comms Planning Questions.pdf
01- Launch Into Strategy (Strategist Level) by Julian Cole
02-Articulating an Idea
03-Being Strategic About Resourcing
04-Best Strategy Papers (10 Case Studies)
05-Better Questions for Bigger Ideas
06-Brainstorm Bible
07-Brand Actions Library 2018
08-Brand Actions Library 2019
09-Brand Planning, Comms Planning and Media Planning Explained
10-Campaign Ecosystems
11-Cheatsheet Data Sources
12-Comms Planning Stats
13-Communication Frameworks
14-Consumer Journey Mapping
15-Creative Briefing Course
16-Creative Ideas on Tiny Budgets (100 Ideas)
17-Day 1 Advice for CSOs
18-Day 1 Advice for New Heads of Strategy
19-Day 1 Advice for New Planners
20-Designing Desire
21-Designing Presentations
22-Designing a Department Team
23-Emotional Messaging
24-Finding your Strategy Confidence
25-First Brand Responses to COVID-19
26-Framework Factory
27-Giving Creative Feedback
28-Growth Matrix
29-How Advertising Works
30-How Agencies Make Money
31-How to Work with Creatives
32-How to Work with Media Agencies
33-How to Write Short & Sharp Strategy
34-How to talk about money and raises
35-Innovation Campaign Checklist
36-Insights Training
37-Interagency Collaboration
38-Managing Planners
39-Marketing Podcast Megalist
40-Opening Moves - Attacking a Client Brief
41-Planners Template
42-Planning Hype
43-Platform Playbook
44-Politics 101
45-Setting a Strategy Department Vision
46-Strategy In Under An Hour - Lawn Example
47-Strategy Interview Questions
48-Strategy Kick Off Questions
49-Strategy Kick-Off Toolkit
50-Strategy Mate
51-Strategy Review
52-Tips For Briefing Remotely
53-Transition into Strategy
54-What Clients Want
55-What is Strategy
56-Writing Better Presentations
57-Strategy mate
58-Cogs of Marketing Effectiveness
59-Creative Brief Template - Sacred Six
60-Strategy Scalpel