Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales

Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales
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$999- 95%

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Joshua Elder - 30 Days To Get Sales
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30 Days To Customers
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30 Days To Customers
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30DTS Day 18.mp4
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DAY 17V2.mp4
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Day 14v3.mp4
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Day 16 30DTS.mp4
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Day 17 30DTS.mp4
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Done For You.mp4
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Udimi Solo Ads Traffic Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (WORKS FOR CLICKBANK).mp4
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  • 30 Days To Customers

    • 30DTS Day 18.mp4
    • DAY1V3.mp4
    • DAY 17V2.mp4
    • Day 14v3.mp4
    • Day 16 30DTS.mp4
    • Day 17 30DTS.mp4
    • Day 17V2 Part 2 .mp4
    • Day 18 V2.mp4
    • Day 19 V2.mp4
    • Day 19.mp4
    • Day 20 .mp4
    • Day 21 V2.mp4
    • Day 21.mp4
    • Day 22.mp4
    • Day 23 .mp4
    • Day 24.mp4
    • Day 25.mp4
    • Done For You.mp4
    • Udimi Solo Ads Traffic Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (WORKS FOR CLICKBANK).mp4
    • VIDEO1.mp4
    • VIDEO2.mp4
    • VIDEO2V2.mp4
    • VIDEO 3 V2.mp4
    • VIDEO3.mp4
    • VIDEO 4 V2.mp4
    • VIDEO4.mp4
    • VIDEO 5 V2.mp4
    • VIDEO5.mp4
    • VIDEO6.mp4
    • VIDEO7.mp4
    • VIDEO10.mp4
    • VIDEO12.mp4
    • VIDEO13V2.mp4
    • VIDEO14V2.mp4
    • VIDEO15V2.mp4
    • VIDEO16V2.mp4
    • Video11.mp4
    • Video13v3.mp4
    • Video14.mp4
    • Video15.mp4
    • affiliateoffersapproval.mp4
    • end30days.mp4
    • video8.mp4
    • video9.mp4
    • video13.mp4
  • Module 1 .mp4
  • Module 2 .mp4
  • Module 3 .mp4
  • Module 4 .mp4
  • Module 5 Part 1 .mp4
  • Module 5 Part 3 .mp4

Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales
What We’re Doing
1. You’re learning my exact same process I’ve used to generate over 2,000+ brand new customers in my business using youtube ads.

How We’re Doing It

1. This call will take place LIVE over zoom on the date listed below. After its over I will open it up for Q and A and answer any questions that you may have.

2. Once you make payment you’ll get an email invitation to download a PDF with the link to register for the masterclass.

The Requirements
1. Internet access, phone, computer.

Start Date
Wednesday May 27th @ 3 PM EST (This will also be recorded for your viewing pleasure in case you can’t make it)

Registration Ends
When the timer at the bottom hits 0.

The Investment
$27. That’s it.

This is a ridiculous offer and we both know it.

Most so called “Youtube ads experts” charge as much as 2-3k for a course.

Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales Cheap

Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales Course

Joshua Elder – 30 Days To Get Sales Download

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