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John Romaniello - Captivating Copywriting (7.88 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-03-2021

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John Romaniello - Captivating Copywriting
01-COMMENCE - Introductions, Outlines, and Essentials
02-CRASH - Captivating Copywriting Crash Course
03-CRAFT - The Captivating Copywriting Core Curriculum
04-CRUSH - Additional Resources
05-Tools & Practices
06-Bonus Trainings
07-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up
01-COMMENCE - Introductions, Outlines, and Essentials
01-Welcome to Captivating Copywriting.mp4
01-Welcome to Captivating Copywriting.png
02-Meet Your Instructors.mp4
03-Outline and Objectives.ts
02-CRASH - Captivating Copywriting Crash Course
01-18 Backbones.pdf
01-Copywriting School for Kids Who Can't Write Good (Part 1 - Theory).mp4
02-Copywriting School for Kids Who Can't Write Good (Part 2 - Practice).mp4
03-CRAFT - The Captivating Copywriting Core Curriculum
01-Module 1 - The Copywriter's Mindset
02-Module 2 - All Things Research (or, The Subtle Art of Copy Creepin)
03-Module 3 - Extra, Extra, Read All About It - How to Write Headlines that Work
04-Module 4 - Of Problems and Pain Points
05-Module 5 - Overcoming Objections
06-Module 6 - Storytelling for Salivant Salescopy
07-Module 7 - Offer Validation, Creation, and Presentation
08-Module 8 - Putting It All Together
09-Module 9 - Voice
04-CRUSH - Additional Resources
01-Headlines Upon Headlines To Study.pdf
01-Swipe These Swipe Files.png
01-The Greatest Salesletters of All Time.pdf
02-Know Your History - The Greatest Salesletters of All Time.png
03-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - The Master Reading List.mp4
03-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - The Master Reading List.pdf
05-Tools & Practices
01-The Copywriting Power Hour.mp4
01-The Copywriting Power Hour.pdf
06-Bonus Trainings
01-Templates Are Shit, Frameworks are Lit.mp4
07-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up
01-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up.png

Words. Are. Magic.

With 26 little letters, you can paint the whole fucking Universe. What would you call that, if not magic?

Today, I’m going to share some magic with you.

In a few minutes, I’m going to tell you:

​How I once generated $250,000 for my company with a selfie (7 years after it was taken)
​How a single email about olive oil made me $43,000 in a week.
​How an Instagram post about Denzel Washington and avocados landed me a book-writing contract
​and how writing a client spotlight in the form of a fairy tale brought in over $518,000 in coaching sales
Now, don’t get me wrong. Making money isn’t magic. Most decent marketers can create income on demand.

That’s not it.

The magic is how excited people were to read it all. How these pieces still make money today. How I’ve used each of them over and over to make 7-figures, without doing more work.

The magic isn’t just the money, but the magnetism: the way each of these cast its own spell that has ripples to this day.

For example: that olive oil email I mentioned?

The first time I sent it out to my mailing list, it generated over $25,000.

That was a pretty good day.

Over the last few years, I’ve sent it out in newsletters, put snippets of it on social media, even used it in some of my keynotes.

Each time, it makes money.

Here’s a look:

Now, it’s certainly not my most profitable piece of copy, but it’s one of my favorites.

I mean, we’re talking about over $160 thousand dollars generated by writing about olive oil.

In one email. Which I wrote at the gym…between sets. Over six years ago.

More importantly: to this day, people still tell me it’s one of their favorite things I’ve written.

And every time I use it, people are excited to read it, even if they don’t buy. (And many of them do.)

THAT is magic.

So, let me ask you:
Are you creating magic?
Are you casting spells with your words?

Are you dazzling your audience, your prospects, your clients with wordcraft that makes them eager to take action?

Let’s make it even simpler….

Think about your last piece of marketing: the most recent thing you created to tell the world about what you do, how it’s special, and why they should work with you.

Does it really reflect you?

Do the words on that page, email, or caption truly describe what it’s like to work with you, learn from you, grow with you?

Do the words showcase your talents, your skills, your heart?

Does the writing make everyone who reads it excited to work with you?

It should.

And, I promise, it can.

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