Jared Goetz – eCom Hacks System 2020

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Jared Goetz – eCom Hacks System 2020 (8.92 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-11-2020

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Jared Goetz – eCom Hacks System 2020
01-Module #1 - Structure
02-Setting Up Your Theme
03-Module #2 - Setting Up Your Store to CONVERT
04-Module #3 - Products
05-Module #4 Advertising
06-Glossary of Terms
07-Supplemental Course Documents [Modules 1-4]
08-Bonus #1 [High-Ticket Drop Shipping Course]
09-Supplemental Course Documents [High Ticket Dropshipping]
10-Bonus #2 [Virtual Summit]
11-Bonus #3 [Mike Long's Reverse Death Grip Strategy]
01-Module #1 - Structure
01-An Introduction to eCom Hacks.mp4
01-An Introduction to eCom Hacks.pdf
02-How to Use Our Premium Support Desk.mp4
03-Prepare to Automate Your Business.mp4
03-Prepare to Automate Your Business.pdf
04-Overview of a Successful General Store.mp4
05-Dropshipping Product Success Formula.mp4
06-Opening Your Shopify Store.mp4
07-Purchasing Your Domain.mp4
08-Linking Your Domain.mp4
08-Meta Descriptions.mp4
09-Setting Up Your Phone Support.mp4
10-Payment Methods.mp4
12-Shipping Rules.mp4
02-Setting Up Your Theme
01-How to Setup the Footer in Booster Theme 2.0.mp4
01-How to Setup the Header in Booster Theme 2.0.mp4
01-How to setup the Product Page in Booster 2 0.mp4
01-Video Tutorial.pdf
01-[SHOPIFY THEME TUTORIAL] How to Setup the Homepage in Booster Theme 2.0.mp4
02-Configuring The Header.pdf
02-How to Setup the Header in Booster Theme 2.0.mp4
02-How to Setup the Mega menu.mp4
03-How to setup Booster 2.0 Footer .mp4
03-How to setup Booster 2.0 Footer.pdf
04-How to Setup Custom Content.pdf
05-How to setup Video Section.pdf
06-How to setup Timer Countdown.pdf
07-How to setup Title with Text.pdf
08-How to Setup Text Column with Images.pdf
09-How to Setup Testimonials.pdf
10-How to Setup FAQ section.pdf
11-How to Setup Map Section.pdf
12-How to Setup Instagram Section in Booster 2.0.pdf
13-How to Setup Info Badge.pdf
14-How to Setup Sale Button.pdf
15-How to Setup Featured Product Section.pdf
16-How to Setup Slideshow Section.pdf
17-How to setup Gallery.pdf
18-How to Setup Logo List Section.pdf
19-How to Setup Image with Text Overlay Section.pdf
20-How to Setup Divider Section.pdf
21-How to Setup Featured Collection.pdf
22-How to Setup Collection List.pdf
23-How to Setup Blog Section.pdf