Gusten Sun – FullTime Funnel Desinger

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  • Last Updated Date: 10-23-2021
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Gusten Sun - FullTime Funnel Desinger (18.79 GB)

Last Updated Date: 10-23-2021

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Gusten Sun - FullTime Funnel Desinger
01-Business Accelerator Blueprint
02-Clickfunnels 24H Mastery
03-Clients Secrets
04-7 Figure Funnel Roadmaps
04-Sketch Mastery
05-Clickfunnels 24H Mastery
05-Converting Offer Creation System
05-Market Positioning
06-High-Converting Offer System
06-Striking Sales Message Builder
07-7 Figure Design Secrets
07-Copywriting & Sales Message Mastery
08-7 Figure Funnel Roadmaps & Design
08-Best Design Resources
09-Canva Design 101
10-CSS Hacks 101
10-Sketch Design 101
11-CSS Hacks 101
11-The Funnel Vault
12-Content to Cashflow
12-Email Marketing Mastery
13-Coaching Call Recordings
13-Funnel Agency 2021 Templates
14-Coaching Call Recordings
14-Productivity Profits System
16-Mini-Lesson Series (Real Student Feedback Videos)
17-Template Secrets
01-Business Accelerator Blueprint
01-Profit Ladder & Pricing Your Offers.mp4
01-Why Funnels Can Make You Money For a Lifetime.mp4
02-90 Day Accountability Checklist - MASTER TEMPLATE.xlsx
02-90 Day Accountability Checklist.mp4
02-Calculating Your Freedom Number.mp4
03 - Business Accelerator Blueprint - MASTER TEMPLATE.xlsx
03-Perfect Niche Planner.mp4
03-Tracking Your Revenue Numbers.mp4
04-Positioning Like A Pro.mp4
04-The Quick Productivity Planner.mp4
05 - Business Accelerator Blueprint - MASTER TEMPLATE.xlsx
05-Signature Blueprint Builder.mp4
05-The Funnel Launch Checklist.mp4
06-Create a Clear Elevator Pitch.mp4
07-The Relevance Story Script.mp4
08-Predictable Profit Ladder.mp4
09-The Ultimate Freedom Calculator.mp4
02-Clickfunnels 24H Mastery
01-Clickfunnels & Import Your First Template.mp4
01-Get 14 Days FREE of Clickfunnels & Import Your First Template.pdf
02-Launch This Simple Funnel In 10 Minutes (24H Challenge).mp4
03-Funnel Launch Checklist - MASTER TEMPLATE.xlsx
04-How To Add Your Domain To Clickfunnels.mp4
04-How To Add Your Domain To Clickfunnels.pdf