EcomWorld Conference 2021

EcomWorld Conference 2021
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EcomWorld Conference 2021
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01-Day 1
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02-Day 2
01-Day 1
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01-Sourcing Products
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02-Store Design & Optimization
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03-Marketing - Influencer, Email & More
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04-Business Operations
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05-Brand Building
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06-Paid Advertising
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07-Selling on Amazon
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08-Marketplaces & Social Commerce
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09-The Future of Ecommerce
02-Day 2
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01-Ecom 101
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02-Business Operations
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03-Brand Building
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04-Paid Advertising
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05-Store Design & Optimization
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06-Sourcing Products
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07-Marketing - Influencer, Email & More
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08-Marketplaces & Social Commerce
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10-The Future of Ecommerce
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11-Selling on Amazon
  • 01-Day 1

    • 01-Sourcing Products

      • 01-Kian Golzari's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Kian Golzari's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Kian Golzari - Meet the Breakthrough Product Development Trends of 2021.mp4
      • 02-Nora Inveiss' Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Nora Inveiss - Print on Demand - The Ultimate Guide to Launching & Scaling Your Ecommerce Empire.mp4
      • 03-Martin Johnston, Lisa Laing, Josh Howard & Samantha Jones - Sustainable Sourcing - How to Choose Ethical Suppliers and Build an Eco-Conscious Company [Panel].mp4
    • 02-Store Design & Optimization

      • 01-Tanya Malan's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Tanya Malan's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Tanya Malan - Tiny Tweaks for a Big Boost - Supercharge Your Ecom Store [Roadmap].mp4
      • 02-Lars Lehne & Mark Lilley - Boosting Conversion by Focusing on the Complete Customer Journey.mp4
      • 02-Lars Lenhe & Mark Lilley's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Lars Lenhe & Mark Lilley's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Ronnie Teja's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Ronnie Teja's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Ronnie Teja - Boost Your Average Order Value Size [20+ Master Methods].mp4
      • 04-Scott Cunningham's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Scott Cunningham - [Case Study] How We Generated Over $5.6M in Sales in a Year With 4 Onsite Offers.mp4
      • 05-Kim Winter's Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Kim Winter's Presentation.pptx
      • 05-Kim Winter - Ignite + Increase LTV with SMS Marketing.mp4
    • 03-Marketing - Influencer, Email & More

      • 01-Joshua Chin's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Joshua Chin's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Joshua Chin - The Ultimate Holiday Prep Guide to Double Your Email Revenue.mp4
      • 02-Sarah Grosz - Whitelisted - How to Supercharge Your Influencer Marketing.mp4
      • 02-Sarah Grosz Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Sarah Grosz Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Alexander Genov's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Alexander Genov - Build a Customer-Centric Company by Treating Your Audience as 'People,' Not 'Users'.mp4
      • 04-Jerry Jao's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Jerry Jao's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Jerry Jao - Jumpstart Your Ecom Store's Growth With This Hyper-Targeted Omnichannel Approach.mp4
      • 05-Bénédict von Mérey - Sustainable Brand Messaging - How to Break Through the Noise & Build an Eco-Conscious Brand [Panel].mp4
    • 04-Business Operations

      • 01-Mladen Barbaric's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Mladen Barbaric's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Mladen Barbaric - How This Technology Brand Disrupted the Cannabis Industry Through Smart Tech & A Platform Model.mp4
      • 02-Andrew Black & Mike Wystrach - Freshly - Lessons From Bootstrapping, Scaling With a VC Partner, and Exiting for $1.5B.mp4
      • 03-Amit R G's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Amit R G's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Amit R G - Scale Stellar Customer Service Without Hiring More Agents (Case Study + Hacks).mp4
      • 04-Reid Covington's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Reid Covington's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Reid Covington - Get the Ultimate Pre-Product Launch Strategy to Crush Your 2021 Kickstarter.mp4
      • 05-Robby Switzer & Daniel Stafford - Build a Die-Hard Team That Thrives in a World Gone Remote.mp4
      • 05-Robby Swtizer & Daniel Stafford's Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Robby Swtizer & Daniel Stafford's Presentation.pptx
    • 05-Brand Building

      • 01-Adis Pezerovic's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Adis Pezerovic's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Adis Pezerovic - No Budget, No Problem - How to Build a World-Class Brand on a Dime.mp4
      • 02-Zubin Mowlavi's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Zubin Mowlavi - Surefire Methods for Creating Value Like DTC Unicorns.mp4
      • 03-Jason Daniel's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Jason Daniel's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Jason Daniel - Mission Possible - The Founder's Framework for Building an Authentic Brand + Community.mp4
      • 04-Irem Isik's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Irem Isik's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Irem Isik - Storyly Presents - How to Build a Truly Mobile Brand Experience.mp4
    • 06-Paid Advertising

      • 01-Alex Fedotoff's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Alex Fedotoff's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Alex Fedotoff - Turbocharged Funnels - How a Brand New Ecom Store Went From 0 to $2M in 50 Days [Blueprint].mp4
      • 02-Andrew Waber's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Andrew Waber's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Andrew Waber - Skyrocket Your Store With Amazon Advertising Data [2021 Strategies].mp4
      • 03-Matt Harward's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Matt Harward's Presentation.ppt
      • 03-Matt Harward - Seed, Splinter, Scale- - Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm to Create, Optimize & Scale an Ecom Business.mp4
      • 04-Melissa Burdick's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Melissa Burdick's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Melissa Burdick - Generate the Optimal ROI - Squeezing the Most Of Your Ad Dollars Across Multiple Marketplace Platforms.mp4
    • 07-Selling on Amazon

      • 01-Anthony Lee's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Anthony Lee's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Anthony Lee - Landing on Amazon's Page One - How to Rank Your Product for Profitable Keywords.mp4
      • 02-Mina Elias' Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Mina Elias' Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Mina Elias - Understanding the Amazon Shopper - Proven Methods for Winning the Wallets of Customers.mp4
      • 03-Michael Hartman's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Michael Hartman's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Michael Hartman - Turbocharge Your Amazon Business 10X With the 'Halo Effect'.mp4
      • 04-John Hefter's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-John Hefter's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-John Hefter - Optimizing Product Launches in a Sea of Opportunity.mp4
      • 05-Emma Schermer Tamir's Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Emma Schermer Tamir's Presentation.pptx
      • 05-Emma Schermer Tamir - Differentiate to Dominate - How to Stand Out and Create Conversion-Spiking Amazon Listings.mp4
    • 08-Marketplaces & Social Commerce

      • 01-Andrew Erickson's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Andrew Erickson's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Andrew Erickson - How to Get Started on Etsy - Step-by-Step Blueprint.mp4
      • 02-Renata Thiebaut's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Renata Thiebaut's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Renata Thiebaut - Future Developments of Social-Ecommerce Live Streaming - Lessons From China.mp4
      • 03-Stefan Chiriacescu's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Stefan Chiriacescu's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Stefan Chiriacescu - Marketplace Domination - A Proven Approach for Selling & Scaling on Multiple Marketplaces.mp4
    • 09-The Future of Ecommerce

      • 01-Luke MacFarlan's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Luke MacFarlan's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Luke MacFarlan - Power to the People - Let Your Customer Tell You What They Want (and Boost Your Sales).mp4
      • 02-Carolina Arguelles - Shoppable AR - The Future of Ecommerce Is Here.mp4
      • 02-Carolina Argulles' Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Carolina Argulles' Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Wayne Liu's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Wayne Liu's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Wayne Liu - Move From a Passive to an Active Customer Experience to Convert Your Shoppers Into Lifelong Loyalists.mp4
  • 02-Day 2

    • 01-Ecom 101

      • 01-Daniel Baldasso - [BONUS TALK] Ecom 101 - How to Get Traffic & Grow Your Sales.mp4
      • 02-Kian Golzari - [BONUS TALK] Ecom 101 - How to Manufacture & Ship Your First Product.mp4
      • 03-Savannah Sanchez - [BONUS TALK] Ecom 101 - How to Build a Brand and Set Up Your Store.mp4
    • 02-Business Operations

      • 01-Dee Deng's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Dee Deng - The Growth Pitfalls That Will Kill Your Business & How to Avoid Them.mp4
      • 02-Benny Joseph & Kristen LaFrance - Growing a Global Brand the “Allbirds Way”.mp4
      • 03-TJ Stein's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-TJ Stein - How Top DTC Brands Are Transforming Their Customer Experience Into an Acquisition & Retention Engine.mp4
      • 04-Nicole Baqai & Danny Taing's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Nicole Baqai & Danny Taing's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Nicole Baqai & Danny Taing - Tactical Tips for Delivering a Flawless Ecom Customer Experience.mp4
      • 05-Savannah Sachs' Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Savannah Sachs' Presentation.pptx
      • 05-Savannah Sachs - How to Develop a Kickass In-House Growth Marketing Team & Authentically Engage With Your Customers.mp4
    • 03-Brand Building

      • 01-Emily Heyward's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Emily Heyward's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Emily Heyward - Create an Irresistible Brand & Crush the Competition.mp4
      • 02-Sarah Lee & Christine Chang - Revealing Glow Recipe’s Secret to Success in the Multibillion-Dollar Skincare Industry.mp4
      • 03-Mark Zhang's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Mark Zhang's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Mark Zhang - How to Build a Simple Branding Strategy to Unlock 8-Figure Sales.mp4
    • 04-Paid Advertising

      • 01-Mirella Crespi's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Mirella Crespi's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Mirella Crespi - The Ecom Ad Creative Formula - Sourcing and Producing Ad Creatives That Sell.mp4
      • 02-Maxwell Finn's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Maxwell Finn - Dominate Paid Traffic in 2021 the 'Unicorn Way' [Step-by-Step Guide].mp4
      • 03-Earnest Epps' Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Earnest Epps' Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Earnest Epps - Tactical Tips on Spiking Google Shopping ROAS 5X With Retargeting Campaigns.mp4
      • 04-Duane Brown's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Duane Brown's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Duane Brown - Google Shopping - How to 2X Your ROAS in 2021.mp4
      • 05-Accelerate eCommerce Growth.pdf
      • 05-Brendan Hughes - Discover the Digital Ads Funnel Strategy That Will Turbocharge Your Growth.mp4
      • 05-Optily Slide Deck.pdf
      • 06-Taylor Holiday's Presentation.pdf
      • 06-Taylor Holiday's Presentation.pptx
      • 06-Taylor Holiday - Get the Proven Strategy for Winning on Facebook Post-iOS 14 Update (Spoiler Alert - It’s Not Creative).mp4
    • 05-Store Design & Optimization

      • 01-Ezra Firestone's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Ezra Firestone's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Ezra Firestone - The $100M Mobile Product Page.mp4
      • 02-Alex Chahin's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Alex Chahin - Consumer Psychology Secrets to Supercharge Your Growth.mp4
      • 03-Liat Karpel Gurwic - Skyrocket Sales by Understanding Customer Behavior.mp4
      • 03-Liat Karpel Gurwicz' Presentation.pdf
    • 06-Sourcing Products

      • 01-Jason Wong's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Jason Wong - [Blueprint] How to Manufacture Overseas Without the Headaches.mp4
      • 02-Lena Jüngst's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Lena Jüngst's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Lena Jüngst - [Case Study] How to Turn a Prototype Into a Real Product & Generate a Ton of Sales.mp4
      • 03-Jon Silverman & Kristen LaFrance - Building Eco-Conscious Products & Making Waves of Positive Impact.mp4
    • 07-Marketing - Influencer, Email & More

      • 01-Gary Vaynerchuk - GaryVee Shares His Secret Sauce to Success - Marketing, Product Positioning, and Mindset Advice [Exclusive Interview].mp4
      • 02-Kevin Indig's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Kevin Indig's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Kevin Indig - Turbocharge Your Ecommerce Store With Organic Marketing.mp4
      • 03-Ryan Smith's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Ryan Smith's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Ryan Smith - It's Time to Humanize Ecom - Blueprint for Leveraging SMS & Personalization.mp4
    • 08-Marketplaces & Social Commerce

      • 01-Gregoire Gimaret's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Gregoire Gimaret's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Grégoire Gimaret - Meet the Snapchat Generation and the Ecommerce Solutions Capturing Their Attention.mp4
      • 02-Savannah Sanchez' Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Savannah Sanchez - Get Ahead of the Game on TikTok - Advertising Blueprint for the Future.mp4
      • 03-Xavier Duran's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Xavier Duran's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Xavier Duran - The Future of Social Commerce Playbook - Branding, Conversion, and Diversification Strategies.mp4
      • 04-Lindsay Shearer's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Lindsay Shearer - Master the 5 Golden Rules of Successful Pinterest Ads & Crush Your Shopping Campaigns.mp4
    • 09-Fulfillment

      • 01-Alex Kaliada - Automation for Domination - Master the Global Supply Chain with AI.mp4
      • 02-How COVID-19 Changed Ecommerce Forever.pdf
      • 02-Jim Gagliardi's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Jim Gagliardi's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Jim Gagliardi - How to Turbocharge Your Shipping & Accelerate Ecom Growth.mp4
      • 03-Krishna Iyer's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Krishna Iyer's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Krishna Iyer - Fulfillment Optimization Framework - How to Grow & Keep Your Shoppers Happy.mp4
      • 04-Nabil Malouli's Presentation.pdf
      • 04-Nabil Malouli's Presentation.pptx
      • 04-Nabil Malouli - Build a Massive Competitive Advantage with this Surefire Fulfillment Strategy.mp4
      • 05-Hugo Facchin's Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Hugo Facchin's Presentation.pptx
      • 05-Hugo Facchin - Grab the Blueprint for Building a Personalized Supply Chain From Scratch.mp4
    • 10-The Future of Ecommerce

      • 01-Harley Finkelstein & Kristen LaFrance - Democratizing Commerce - How Shopify Is Leveling the Playing Field for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs.mp4
      • 02-Kyle Ranally's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Kyle Ranally's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Kyle Ranally - Customer Experience 3.0 - Exceeding Expectations in the Next Era of Ecommerce.mp4
      • 03-Joanna Gluzman's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Joanna Gluzman's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Joanna Gluzman - More Kindness, Please - Why Your Brand Needs to Care About People & The Environment.mp4
      • 04-Andrew d'Souza, Daniel Rodic & Christina Stembel - The Future of Capital - The Ecom Founder's Guidebook.mp4
      • 05-Ekta Chopra's Presentation.pdf
      • 05-Ekta Chopra's Presentation.pptx
      • 05-Ekta Chopra - Adapt & Evolve in a Cookieless Future - Expert Strategies on Using First-Party Data.mp4
    • 11-Selling on Amazon

      • 01-Greg Elfrink's Presentation.pdf
      • 01-Greg Elfrink's Presentation.pptx
      • 01-Greg Elfrink - 5 Critical Lessons From Selling $55,461,189.75 of Amazon FBA Businesses.mp4
      • 02-Thomas Ropel's Presentation.pdf
      • 02-Thomas Ropel's Presentation.pptx
      • 02-Thomas Ropel - Amazon PPC - Identify Your Biggest Growth Opportunity & Win With the Power of Benchmarks.mp4
      • 03-Nate Ginsburg's Presentation.pdf
      • 03-Nate Ginsburg's Presentation.pptx
      • 03-Nate Ginsburg - Step-by-Step Strategy for Building and Scaling a Sellable FBA Business.mp4
The entire ecommerce world is coming together online to share exclusive knowledge, tactics and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable ecommerce businesses in 2021.
This isn’t your typical virtual conference. Ecom World is gathering the world’s most innovative founders, brightest minds and trailblazing DTC brands for two days of masterclasses and networking – all from the comfort of your home.
Our speakers are masters of their craft and are handpicked to share their proven blueprints to success. Join them and 40,000+ attendees for 10+ tracks of in-depth speeches, panels, workshops & live Q&A sessions on 15-16 November.
Interested in growing your brand, increasing your sales and making 2021 your most profitable year yet? This event is for you.
Past Ecom World Speakers
Come hear from the world’s most successful DTC brand founders, CEOs, and CMOs, as well as top industry authorities and the brightest minds in ecommerce. They’ll reveal some of the practical strategies and exclusive secrets that the biggest businesses (including their own) use to grow and profit.
Christine Chang
Christine Chang
Christine Chang
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Glow Recipe
speaker logo
Harley Finkelstein
Harley Finkelstein
Harley Finkelstein
President, Shopify
speaker logo
Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO, VaynerMedia
speaker logo
Kyle Ranally
Kyle Ranally
Kyle Ranally
Vertical Insights Marketing Strategist, Facebook
speaker logo
Benny Joseph
Benny Joseph
Benny Joseph
Chief Technology Officer, Allbirds
speaker logo
Ezra Firestone
Ezra Firestone
Ezra Firestone
CEO, Zipify Apps and BOOM! by Cindy Joseph and Founder, Smart Marketer
speaker logo
Carolina Arguelles Navas
Carolina Arguelles Navas
Carolina Arguelles Navas
Global Product Marketing Manager & Augmented Reality, Snap Inc
speaker logo
Mike Wystrach
Mike Wystrach
Mike Wystrach
CEO & Founder, Freshly
speaker logo
Tanya Malan
Tanya Malan
Tanya Malan
Director of User Experience and E-commerce, Bonobos
speaker logo
TJ Stein
TJ Stein
TJ Stein
Sr Director & Member Services, Italic
speaker logo
Got the knowledge & know-how to join our speaker line-up or know someone that does?

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