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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle (13.79 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-07-2022

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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle
1 Online Intensive Course
2 Progressive Course
1 Online Intensive Course
#ENG-Video 1. Lecture - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
#ENG-Video 2. Workshop Part 1 - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
#ENG-Video 3. Workshop Part 2 - with English Sub-Titles .mp4
#ENG-Video 4. Workshop Part 3 - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
#ENG-Video 5. Workshop Part 4 - with English Sub-Titles .mp4
2 Progressive Course
1st Day
2nd Day
  • 1 Online Intensive Course

    • #ENG-Video 1. Lecture - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
    • #ENG-Video 2. Workshop Part 1 - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
    • #ENG-Video 3. Workshop Part 2 - with English Sub-Titles .mp4
    • #ENG-Video 4. Workshop Part 3 - with English Sub-Titles.MP4
    • #ENG-Video 5. Workshop Part 4 - with English Sub-Titles .mp4
  • 2 Progressive Course

    • 1st Day

      • (ES) WEEK 1. Progressive Workshop Introduction.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 2. Your Personality and Your Personal Reality.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 3. Finding the Sweet Spot of the Generous.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 3a. The Generous Present Moment Meditation.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 3b. After Meditation Closing.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 4. Tuning In to New Potentials.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 4a. Tuning In to New Potentials Meditation.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 4b. After Meditation Closing.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 5. The Science of Transformation.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 5a. Happy Faces Video.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 5b. After Happy Faces Video Closing.mp4
    • 2nd Day

      • (ES) WEEK 6. Pulling the Mind Out of the Body The.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 7 Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind and.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 7a. After Dr. Joe Workshop Videos Closing.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 7b. Reconditioning The Body to a New Mind.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 7c. After Meditation Closing.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 8. Changing Beliefs and Perceptions.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 8a. Changing Beliefs and Perceptions Meditation.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 8b. After Meditation Closing.MP4
      • (ES) WEEK 9. Blessing of the Energy Centers.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 9a. Blessing of The Energy Centers Meditation.mp4
      • (ES) WEEK 9b. After Meditation Closing - End of Workshop.mp4

Utilizing science because the modern language of mysticism, Dr Joe presents college students with transformational data based mostly on the most recent scientific analysis. By combining quantum physics, neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, and electromagnetism (to call a number of), he builds a mannequin of understanding which factors the finger on the infinite potentialities that come up while you faucet into the limitless nature of your human potential. He additionally provides college students sensible instruments and efficient workouts designed to shift your understanding and relationship to actuality, all of the whereas empowering you to create lasting change in your life.

Amongst different perception-altering teachings, by way of lectures and meditations you’ll study that the physique is definitely the servant of the thoughts—and how when given the mandatory data, data, and instruction—you possibly can apply the facility of directed consciousness to scale back stress, create well being, wealth, relationships, a brand new job, or rework any enviornment of your life that wants an improve.

This paradigm-shifting on-line introductory course is the inspiration of all different ranges of Dr Joe’s work. Throughout it, you may be given many alternatives to use, expertise, and observe the data and meditations—all of the whereas studying about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, in order that the how turns into simpler…all at your individual tempo.

On this in depth on-line course, you’ll study:

• The science of transformation
• How your persona creates your private actuality
• How you can discover the beneficiant current second the place all potentialities exist
• How you can choose new potentials within the quantum discipline
• How you can change your power from dwelling previously to dwelling in a brand new future
• How to hook up with a future actuality within the current second
• How you can activate your coronary heart and domesticate elevated feelings
• How you can pull the thoughts out of the physique
• How while you liberate emotional power that has been saved in your physique, you need to use it to create a brand new future
• How you can change your beliefs and perceptions
• How you can create extra steadiness and wholeness in your physique, in addition to the power heart’s function in doing so

This on-line course is about up as a self-study program and contains 5 core meditations, together with steerage and instruments to place the teachings and meditations into observe. Finally, this course teaches you methods to create lasting change in your life. Uncover how folks around the globe have utilized these rules and produced superb ends in their lives.

*Both the Progressive Online Course or the Dwell Progressive Retreat is a prerequisite to attending an in-person Week Lengthy Superior Retreat.

Video Summaries

Video 1: Introduction
On this introduction to the course, Dr Joe explores what it means to cross the river of change, methods to change into acutely aware of your unconscious applications, and how new experiences enrich the circuits in your mind.

Video 2: Your Persona and Your Private Actuality: Getting Past Your self
In video 2, Dr Joe explains why science is the modern language of mysticism. He additionally shares scientific information and discoveries that construct a roadmap to alter. Additionally, you will study the steps required to grasp your setting and methods to start altering your state of being.

Video 3: Discovering the Candy Spot of the Beneficiant Current Second
In video 3, Dr Joe explains why it’s so vital to seek out the current second. Additionally, you will discover ways to take your consideration off of matter and methods to settle your physique down into the candy spot of the beneficiant current second.

Video 4: The Beneficiant Current Second Meditation
Discovering the candy spot of the beneficiant current second and studying to remain related to the unified discipline is a necessary observe in Dr Joe’s teachings. This meditation will offer you the platform to grasp this capability.

Video 5: Put up Meditation Remarks
In video 5, Dr Joe prompts you to mirror in your meditation and reminds you in regards to the significance of discovering the current second.

Video 6: Tuning into New Potentials
In video 6, Dr Joe teaches you that the quantum discipline is an invisible discipline of sunshine, data, and frequency that exists past area and time. Additionally, you will discover ways to change your power to match a possible that already exists within the quantum discipline, in addition to how to attract that future to you.

Video 7: Tuning into New Potentials Meditation
This meditation will make it easier to to observe making a vibrational match between your power and any potential within the quantum discipline. Once you synchronize your power to a future actuality, you possibly can start to attract experiences to you within the type of new alternatives, synchronicities, and coincidences in your life.

Video 8: The Science of Transformation
In video 8, Dr Joe introduces the in depth scientific analysis that he has carried out over the previous decade. Additionally, you will find out about totally different brainwave patterns, how meditation positively alters the mind and physique, and how as you break the behavior of the previous self, you possibly can sign new genes in new methods.

Video 9: Pulling the Thoughts Out of the Physique: The Physiology of the Breath
In video 9, Dr Joe explores how stress prevents us from creating a brand new future, in addition to how our feelings and consideration get caught previously. You’ll discover ways to create from 5D, connect with the elevated feelings of your future, and have interaction in an train to maneuver you into a brand new state of being.

Video 10: Reconditioning the Physique to a New Thoughts
In video 10, Dr Joe introduces a respiratory approach used to tug the thoughts out of the physique, in addition to methods to use the physique as an instrument of consciousness.

Video 10b: Producing Artistic Feelings
Video 10b references a set of brief movies that Dr Joe chosen for this lesson.

Video 11: The Significance of Elevated Feelings
After brief movies, Dr Joe reminds you in regards to the significance of elevated feelings and prepares you on your subsequent meditation.

Video 12: Reconditioning the Physique to a New Thoughts Meditation
On this meditation, Dr Joe teaches how you utilize your breath to tug the thoughts out of the physique. You’ll observe the breath, then spend a while discovering the candy spot of the beneficiant current second, adopted by changing into pure consciousness within the quantum discipline.

Video 13: After Meditation: Closing
Dr Joe critiques the earlier meditation, affords some closing remarks, and prepares you for the upcoming lesson.

Video 14: Altering Beliefs and Perceptions
In video 14, Dr Joe challenges you to look at your individual beliefs and perceptions and explains the method of how ideas and emotions change into hardwired attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. You’ll study the science of placebos and how you need to use this to create change in your individual life.

Video 15: Altering Beliefs and Perceptions Meditation
On this meditation, you’ll discover ways to change your perception or notion about your self and the way it’s these beliefs and perceptions that forestall you from creating the life you need.

Video 16: Blessing of the Power Facilities
In video 16, Dr Joe explains the physique’s power facilities and how every of those mini brains have their very own function, frequency, and chemistry. You’ll find out how incoherence in your power facilities impacts your nervous system and total wellbeing, and how creating coherence in your physique could be so simple as blessing your power facilities into extra order.

Video 17: Blessing of the Power Facilities Meditation
On this meditation, you’ll discover ways to place your consideration on every particular person power heart in order to affect them from a state of incoherence (illness) right into a state of coherence (steadiness and concord). Additionally, you will discover ways to change your brainwaves and enter your autonomic nervous system in an effort to reprogram it into well being.

Intensive Online Course: Understanding the Energy of Your Thoughts

On this introductory on-line course, Dr Joe introduces college students to a brand new language and paradigm of understanding. Starting with instructing college students to have a look at actuality by way of a brand new lens, Dr Joe helps college students perceive themselves, the world round them, and the facility that exists at this intersection known as the current second. Finally, college students will find out how the facility of the person and the collective can alter outcomes, and even historical past.

By way of 5 video classes and two guided meditations, Dr Joe builds a mannequin of understanding that’s elementary to remodeling your life from the within out. Study foundational ideas in regards to the mind-body connection, how the fixed suggestions loop of considering and feeling creates our actuality and retains folks caught within the acquainted previous, how thought and creativeness relate to the quantum mannequin of actuality, what it takes to alter, and methods to rewire the mind to create lasting change in your life.

On this on-line course, additionally, you will study:
• The science of adjusting your thoughts
• Why you retain repeating the identical patterns in your life
• Why change is so tough for most individuals
• How illness is created and methods to heal many bodily situations
• How by altering your persona, you possibly can create a brand new actuality
• How you can create a brand new persona so as create new private actuality
• How you can entry your unconscious thoughts
• How neuroplasticity and epigenetics are the keys to altering your future
• The ability of psychological rehearsal to alter your mind and physique
• How understanding totally different brainwave patterns can demystify meditation
• The quantum mannequin of actuality

Lesson Abstract Overviews

Lesson 1: Understanding the Energy of the Thoughts
On this first lesson, Dr Joe builds a mannequin of what it means to alter. Additionally, you will find out how new selections result in new experiences and new feelings, and how this course of creates new circuitry in your mind and epigenetic modifications your physique.

Lesson 2: The Privilege to Be Human
To start to create a brand new future and to interrupt free from limiting unconscious applications, you will need to change into the observer of your ideas. On this lesson, Dr Joe discusses the correlation between continually dwelling by the hormones of stress and the manifestation of illness.

Lesson 3: The Science of Altering Your Thoughts
On this lesson, Dr Joe explains the science of chance and how one can study to sign new genes in new methods, thereby altering the very constructing blocks of your life.

Lesson 4: Emotions, Feelings, Identification, and Future
On this lesson, Dr Joe explores how our emotional reactions create long run reminiscences that preserve us related to the previous. Additionally, you will study that while you launch limiting feelings, you liberate power that turns into obtainable to create a brand new future.

Lesson 5: Sensing Spacaaaaaacccce: An Introductory Meditation
On this lesson, Dr Joe discusses totally different brainwave patterns and how opening your consciousness and sensing the area round you causes your mind to change into extra balanced. Additionally, you will discover ways to transfer from a convergent focus (or slim concentrate on matter and objects) to a divergent focus (or an open concentrate on power or nothing materials).

The content material of those movies is for instructional and informational functions solely. The content material shouldn’t be used for the analysis or therapy of any situation or illness. The case histories offered are offered for illustrative functions solely. No specific or implied assure of outcomes is made. In case you are at the moment being handled by a doctor or different healthcare practitioner for any situation or illness, please seek the advice of with that supplier previous to altering or modifying any therapy program.

Don’t hearken to any meditation recording whereas driving or working tools/equipment.

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All Rights Reserved.

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