CryptoBusy Academy – Pro Trader Course

CryptoBusy Academy – Pro Trader Course
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CryptoBusy Academy – Pro Trader Course
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1-What You Will Learn.mp4
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3-Essential + Suggested Tools.mp4
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4-Favoured BrokersExchanges.mp4
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5-Spot, Margin, Futures (What to Trade).mp4
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6-Order Types.mp4
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7-Stop Losses.mp4
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9-Basic Terminology.mp4
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10-Candlestick Patterns.mp4
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11-The Trend is Your Friend.mp4
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12-Timeframes (Which One(s) Should You Use).mp4
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13-Getting a Higher Time Frame Bias.mp4
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14-Building Evidence-Confluence.mp4
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16-Realistic Expectations.mp4
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17-Risk Management.mp4
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19-A-Moving Averages.mp4
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19-B-Moving Averages.mp4
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20-A-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
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20-B-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
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21-Fibonacci (Retracement + Extension).mp4
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22-Our Favourite Indicator.mp4
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24-SupportResistance (Basic).mp4
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25-SupportResistance (Key Levels).mp4
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26-Trendlines + Trendline Breaks.mp4
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30-Supply and Demand.mp4
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31-Order Blocks.mp4
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32-Break of Structure.mp4
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34-Moving Average Strategy.mp4
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35-Key Levels Strategy.mp4
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36-Breakout Strategy.mp4
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37-Smart Money Strategy.mp4
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38-Final Thoughts.mp4
  • 1-What You Will Learn.mp4
  • 2-Intro.mp4
  • 3-Essential + Suggested Tools.mp4
  • 4-Favoured BrokersExchanges.mp4
  • 5-Spot, Margin, Futures (What to Trade).mp4
  • 6-Order Types.mp4
  • 7-Stop Losses.mp4
  • 8-Intro.mp4
  • 9-Basic Terminology.mp4
  • 10-Candlestick Patterns.mp4
  • 11-The Trend is Your Friend.mp4
  • 12-Timeframes (Which One(s) Should You Use).mp4
  • 13-Getting a Higher Time Frame Bias.mp4
  • 14-Building Evidence-Confluence.mp4
  • 15-Intro.mp4
  • 16-Realistic Expectations.mp4
  • 17-Risk Management.mp4
  • 18-Intro.mp4
  • 19-A-Moving Averages.mp4
  • 19-B-Moving Averages.mp4
  • 20-A-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
  • 20-B-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
  • 21-Fibonacci (Retracement + Extension).mp4
  • 22-Our Favourite Indicator.mp4
  • 23-Intro.mp4
  • 24-SupportResistance (Basic).mp4
  • 25-SupportResistance (Key Levels).mp4
  • 26-Trendlines + Trendline Breaks.mp4
  • 27-Flags-Pennants-Wedges.mp4
  • 28-Intro.mp4
  • 29-Liquidity.mp4
  • 30-Supply and Demand.mp4
  • 31-Order Blocks.mp4
  • 32-Break of Structure.mp4
  • 33-Intro.mp4
  • 34-Moving Average Strategy.mp4
  • 35-Key Levels Strategy.mp4
  • 36-Breakout Strategy.mp4
  • 37-Smart Money Strategy.mp4
  • 38-Final Thoughts.mp4

Josh and Tom have a mixed 10 years expertise buying and selling the Foreign exchange and Crypto Markets. Along with their expertise will take you on a Crypto Buying and selling journey to develop your buying and selling recreation to take it to the following degree!

We now have been concerned in cryptocurrency for over 3 years now as energetic traders and merchants. We now have additionally been buying and selling Forex for over 5 years. We specialize in technical and elementary evaluation and thru this we’ve got efficiently navigated our approach by way of the risky climates of cryptocurrency. We share many suggestions, tips, predictions and extra on our YouTube channel, CryptoBusy, and thru this course we purpose to take you from not understanding something in buying and selling all the way in which to being a proficient dealer utilising high methods that we use on a day after day foundation to make constant revenue. Now as anybody who has been within the house for some time can let you know, nothing is assured in cryptocurrency and buying and selling, and it ought to be famous that 95% of individuals really lose cash while making an attempt to commerce. This course goals to place you in that high 5% and with sufficient dedication and onerous work in addition to the 6 + hours of content material we offer.


Taking it from the beginning. It will cowl all the required fundamentals to get you a head begin on the planet of crypto.

Mindset and Psychology

Mindset is essential, and with out it you will not have the aggressive edge. CryptoBusy will train you expectations, mindset and psychology that’s required.


This course will cowl the precise successful methods each Josh and Tom use at CryptoBusy which have persistently made earnings over the previous few years throughout a number of markets.

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