Chris Parsell – Product Design Course

Chris Parsell – Product Design Course
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  • lastupdatedate-icon Last Updated Date: 06-16-2021
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Chris Parsell – Product Design Course

Chris Parsell - Product Design Course (18.39 GB)

Last Updated Date: 06-16-2021

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Chris Parsell - Product Design Course
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Chris Parsell – Product Design Course

Product School’s Product Design Course is a program designed for professionals who want to learn the frameworks and tools to design software products. This 8-week course is not just about making something look flashy; it’s about deeply understanding your users and delivering an exceptional experience through every step of the process. You’ll gain the skills required to work with or lead projects with design teams.

The coursework is structured and taught by senior-level UX design experts working at leading tech companies. Rather than old fashioned lectures, expect a healthy mix of an experiential learning process centered around developing a digital UX Design project.

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