Andrew Giorgi – Walmart and Amazon Dropshipping Course

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  • Last Updated Date: 04-28-2022
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Andrew Giorgi - Walmart and Amazon Dropshipping Course (7.68 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-28-2022

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Andrew Giorgi - Walmart and Amazon Dropshipping Course
Andrew Giorgi - Amazon Dropshipping Course
Andrew Giorgi - Walmart Dropshipping Course
Andrew Giorgi - Amazon Dropshipping Course
1-Amazon Dropshipping Introduction.mp4
2-Facebook Group For Course Members.mp4
3-Business Model Overview.mp4
4-LLCEINResale Certificate Obtainment.mp4
5-Creating Business Bank Account.mp4
6-Creating The Amazon Storefront.mp4
7-Shipping Settings Set Up.mp4
8-Return Settings Set Up.mp4
9-Setting Up Gmail and Folders.mp4
10-Walmart Tax Exempt Guide.mp4
11-Home Depot Tax Exempt Guide.mp4
12-Tax Exempt Form Overview.mp4
13-Setting Up Return Override Template.mp4
14-OA Genius Overview.mp4
15-Settings Tab Configuration Walkthrough.mp4
16-How To Upload Items To OA Genius.mp4
17-How To Read-Understand Orders Tab.mp4 Overview.mp4
19-How To Connect Informed With OA Genius.mp4
20-How To Create a Repricing Strategy.mp4
21-Chrome Extensions I Use.mp4
22-AMZ Scout In-Depth Chrome Extension Overview.mp4
23-How To Avoid Velocity Reviews.mp4
24-Account Health Section Overview.mp4
25-Performance Notifications Overview.mp4
26-Product Masterlist Spreadsheet Overview.mp4
27-Product Research Method #1 - Supplier To Amazon.mp4
28-Product Research Method #2 - Sniping Sellers.mp4
29-How To Determine If Other Retailers Are Worthy Of Being a Supplier.mp4
30-How To List Products.mp4
31-How To Edit Listings.mp4
32-How To Fulfill Orders.mp4
33-How To Input Orders Into Orders Spreadsheet.mp4
34-Importance of Customer Service.mp4
35-Customer Service Templates Overview.mp4
36-How To Deal With Order Cancellations.mp4
37-How To Handle OOS (Out Of Stock) Orders.mp4
38-How To Handle Return Requests.mp4
39-Calling Customers - How and When To Do It.mp4
40-My Daily Routine.mp4
41-How To Scale Your Amazon Store.mp4
42-How To Leverage Credit Cards For Your Business.mp4
43-Amazon Suspension Services.mp4
44-Product Research Sniping Update With AMZ Scout Extension.mp4
45-NEW Chrome Extension for IP Alerts.mp4
46-Service For For Removal Amazon Account Suspensions and IP Complaints.mp4
47-High ODR Counter For Newer Sellers.mp4
Andrew Giorgi - Walmart Dropshipping Course
1-The Opportunity At Your Fingertips.mp4
2-Join The Facebook Group.mp4
3-Who To Contact In Fb Group For Walmart Account Approval.mp4
4-What You Need For Before Speaking To Approval Service.mp4
5-Updated Price For Walmart Approval Service.mp4
6-Completing The On-Boarding Checklist.mp4
7-How To Complete Manage Inventory on On-Boarding Checklist.mp4
8-How To Obtain API Keys for Walmart Store.mp4
9-Inventory Management Software Set Up - UPDATE.mp4